15 Best Liverpool Strikers of All Time

Who is the greatest Liverpool striker ever?

There are dozens of great strikers from various countries joined Liverpool such as Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Fernando Torres, John Aldridge; and also two recent popular names, Luiz Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. These strikers do not only possess dazzling individual skills, but also presented a lot of prestigious trophies for Liverpool.

In this article, I'd like to present a ranking of fifteen Liverpool best strikers from time to time. The ranking was created based on the contribution of the players to the Reds and the quality of their football skills. Unfortunately, I also had to exclude some great names from this list, such as Peter Crouch, Emile Heskey, Fernando Morientes, and many other great names. Please let me know your opinion about this ranking by leaving comments at the end of this article.

15. Milan Baroš

Milan Baros is a Czech Republic striker who joined Liverpool in the period 2002-2005. At Liverpool, he was more often positioned as a second striker whose main duty was to assist the center forward. Throughout three years playing for Liverpool, Baros scored 27 goals from 108 appearances. He was selected as a starter in the 2004-05 Champions League final where Liverpool won the match dramatically.

14. Daniel Sturridge

After failing to shine at Manchester City and Chelsea, no one expected that Sturridge will be a star at Liverpool. His duet with Luis Suarez netted more than 50 goals and made Liverpool became the most prolific team in the Premier League in the 2013-14 season. Sturridge showed that he does not only possess speed, but also the strength and effectiveness in scoring goals. He created a brilliant achievement by always scoring goals in eight consecutive Premier League matches in the 2013-14 season.

13. Gordon Hodgson

Gordon Hodgson played for Liverpool in the period 1925-1936. Although it did not win any single trophy with the Reds, Hodgson managed to show an outstanding individual performances. The former England striker was very prolific in scoring goals, netting 241 goals in 377 appearances. This record makes Hodgson became the third top scorer in the history of Liverpool.

12. Peter Beardsley

Not only playing as a striker, Peter Beardsley was also often positioned as an attacking midfielder. His duet with John Aldridge in the late 1980s was regarded to be as great as the legendary duet of Kevin Keegan and Ian Rush. With the addition of John Barnes as a winger, they made Liverpool's offense line to be the best in England. During his career at the Reds in the period 1987-1991, Beardsley won two English League titles and an FA Cup trophy.

11. John Aldridge

John Aldridge is a former Irish striker who played for Liverpool in the period 1987-1989. He was signed from Oxford United to replace Ian Rush who just moved to Juventus. During two years playing for Liverpool, he scored 63 goals from 104 appearances. Aldridge was known to have similar playing style to Ian Rush. He was fast, smart, and effective in converting chances into goals. He ended his career as a professional footballer at Tranmere Rovers in 1998.

10. Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres had wonderful times when he joined Liverpool in the 2007-2011 period. He was signed from Atletico Madrid for a fee of 20 million pounds and immediately showed his best performances in his first season, scoring 33 goals in 46 appearances. Despite not winning any single trophy at Liverpool, Torres showed charming individual performances. He moved to Chelsea in 2011 for a fee of 50 million pounds, which became the most expensive transfer in the history of Premier League.

9. John Toshack

John Toshack is one of Welsh best strikers of all time. He was part of Liverpool golden generation in the 1970s, forming a duet with Kevin Keegan that helped Liverpool dominate the domestic and international football competitions. Due to synergistic and highly harmonious combination between Keegan and Toshack, they were even dubbed as the Batman and Robin of football. During his period at Liverpool, Toshack won three English League titles, two League Cup trophies, two UEFA Cup trophies and one UEFA Super Cup trophy.

8. Michael Owen

Michael Owen was raised Liverpool Youth Academy and he was trusted to be the club's main striker at the age of 17 years. At a very young age, Owen was able to be the top scorer of Premier League two seasons in a row. He was known as a player with tremendous running speed and remarkable finishing ability. Owen's best achievement at Liverpool was winning five trophies in the 2000-01 season. He moved from Liverpool to Real Madrid in 2004 for a fee of £ 8 million.

7. Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler possessed outstanding finishing ability. He was a very good poacher and very efficient in scoring goals. For nine years joining Liverpool, Fowler won a FA Cup trophy, a League Cup, a UEFA Cup and a European Super Cup. He was also two years in a row selected as the best young player in the Premier League in 1995 and 1996. In total, Fowler netted 183 goals in 369 appearances for Liverpool.

6. Luis Suárez

Luis Suarez is a controversial striker with world-class quality. He committed several actions that were considered against the spirit of fair-play. He was also strongly reprimanded by English Football Association for being racist. Putting all the controversies aside, Suarez is indeed an amazing striker. He possesses perfect finishing, dribbling, and positioning. Since joining Liverpool in 2011, Suarez has always been the club's top scorer.

5. Roger Hunt

Roger Hunt was the only player on this list who won the World Cup. He was part of England squad that became the champion of 1966 World Cup. During 11 years playing for Liverpool, Hunt scored 286 goals from 492 appearances; making him the club's second top scorer of all time under Ian Rush. He even struggled with Liverpool in Division Two before finally helping the club gain promotion to Division One in 1962. In total, Hunt presented two English League First Division titles and an FA Cup trophy for Liverpool.

4. Billy Liddell

Billy Liddell spent his entire career as a professional footballer playing for Liverpool. During 23 years joining the Reds, Liddell scored 228 goals in 534 appearances. He was known as a player who possessed high stamina, power, and speed. His main position was a left winger, but he could also play as a central forward or second striker.

3. Kevin Keegan

Playing in the period 1971-1977, Kevin Keegan played a major role in helping Liverpool dominate European football in the 1970s. Keegan has small stature, but he was able to overcome his weaknesses with his extraordinary tactical abilities. For six years playing for Liverpool, Keegan won three English League titles, one Champions Cup trophy, two UEFA Cup trophies, and an FA Cup trophy.

2. Kenny Dalglish

Not only for his goal scoring ability, Dalglish loyalty for is also Liverpool worthy of praise. The Scottish striker played for the Reds in the period 1977-1990, netting 172 goals in 515 appearances. He also became a player-manager in the period 1986-1990. Throughout his career at Liverpool, he won six English League titles, three Champions League trophies, four League Cup trophies, and a FA Cup trophy. Due to his outstanding contribution to the club, Dalglish was dubbed "King Kenny" by the Liverpool's fans.

1. Ian Rush

With a total of 346 goals in 660 appearances, Ian Rush holds the record as Liverpool's top scorer of all time. He played for Liverpool for 15 years, winning five English League titles, three FA Cup trophies and two Champions League trophies. He also became the top scorer of Liverpool for nine seasons and won the European Golden Boot in 1984. Considering his great contribution to the club, it seems very appropriate to name Ian Rush as Liverpool's best striker of all time. In terms of football skills, he is also very perfect. Ian Rush possesses Michael Owen's speed, Robbie Fowler's efficiency in scoring goals, Billy Liddell's power, Kevin Keegan's agility, and Fernando Torres' techniques, and Kenny Dalglish's vision.

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