15 Greatest F.C. Porto Players Ever

Who is the best F.C. Porto player of all time?

As one of the biggest clubs in Portugal, F.C. Porto has given birth to dozens, even hundreds of world-class players. Those players had great contributions in the world of football and played great roles in helping F.C. Porto win various national and international competitions. Not only that, they also possess amazing individual skills.

In this article, I want to discuss 15 best footballers ever to play for FC Porto. In addition to their various team trophies won at Porto, these players also claimed prestigious individual achievements. The question is, who is the greatest among them? Be sure to vote for your favorite at the end of this article.

15. João Moutinho

Joao Moutinho is a Portuguese midfielder who played for Porto in the period 2010-2013. Although he joined this club only for three years, Moutinho was able to show amazing performances, even he was voted as the most valuable F.C. Porto player of the 2012-13 season. During the three-year period, Moutinho won three Portuguese League titles and a Europa League trophy. The player left F.C. Porto to AS Monaco in 2014 for a fee of 25 million euros.

14. James Rodríguez

Although he is still young, James Rodriguez has created history for Porto. He became the most expensive player ever sold by the club with a value of 45 million euros to AS Monaco in 2014. It was not a surprising fact considering that the Colombian winger did show great forms for three years playing for Porto. He won the Portuguese Golden Ball, an annual title awarded to the best player in the Portuguese league. Rodriguez also presented three Portugues league titles and a Europa League trophy for Porto.

13. Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao is a Colombian whose career skyrocketed at Atletico Madrid. Prior to playing in the Spanish league, Falcao underwent a period of brilliant career at FC Porto. During two years of playing in the club, Falcao scored 72 goals in 87 games. He was also instrumental in helping Porto win the Europa League in the 2010-11 season. In the tournament, Falcao created a goalscoring record by netting a total of 17 goals in 14 matches.

12. Rabah Madjer

Rabah Madjer is an Algerian former striker who is regarded as one of the best African footballers of all time. In total, he played for six years for FC Porto. One of his best matches occurred in the Champions Cup final in 1987, where Madjer scored one goal and helped Porto win the tournament. In addition to the title, Madjer also claimed three Portuguese League titles, a UEFA Supercup trophy, and an Intercontinental Cup.

11. Benni McCarthy

Benny McCarthy is a powerful retired striker from South Africa. Prior to joining FC Porto, he played for Ajax Amsterdam and Celta Vigo. At Porto, McCarthy became the mainstay striker under the management of Jose Mourinho and had an important role in helping the club win the Champions League in 2004. McCarthy also once became the top scorer of Portuguese League with a record of 20 goals in 23 matches.

10. Aloisio Alves Pires

Aloisio Alves Pires is a retired Brazilian central defender who joined Porto in the period 1990-2001. He holds the record as a foreign player with the most number of appearances for Porto, with a total of 332 caps. Aloisio was recruited by Porto from Barcelona, ​​and since his first season in Portugal he managed to present a trophy for the club. In total, he won seven league titles and six Portuguese Cups.

9. Ljubinko Drulović

Playing as a winger, Drulovic had a vital role for FC Porto in the period 1994-2001. The retired Serbian player helped Porto dominate the Portuguese League in the 1990s, a period when they won the competition five years in a row from 1995 to 1999. During his best period, Drulovic was known as a midfielder with accurate passing and crossing that often resulted goals.

8. Hulk

Fast, powerful, and possessing good finishing ability. Hulk is a Brazilian striker who was signed by Porto from a Japanese club, Tokyo Verdy. For four seasons playing for Porto, Hulk won four league titles and one Europa League trophy. He also once became the top scorer of the league and twice selected as the best player of the competition. Due to his brilliant career in Porto, Hulk was signed by FC Zenit in 2012 for a ludicrous price, 60 million euros.

7. Jorge Costa

Jorge Costa was a robust, tall central defender who played for Porto in the period 1990-2005. During 15 years at the club, Costa was dubbed by the fans as "Animal" and "Tank" because of his very aggressive playing style. Costa had been named the team captain of Porto from 1993 until the end of his career, and won eight Portuguese league titles, five of them were earned consecutively.

6. João Domingos Pinto

Playing in the period 1981-1997, Joao Pinto is the record holder for most number of appearances in the history of F.C. Porto. He is known as the club's legendary players and greatly adored by the fans, just like Paolo Maldini at AC Milan. Joao Pinto's best season occurred in 1987, where he led Porto win the treble winners, one of them is a Champions Cup victory. He is also regarded as the best right-back of all time of Portugal national team.

5. Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma was signed by Porto in 2004 to replace Deco who moved to Barcelona. During his period at Porto, Quaresma performed charmingly. He was elected as the best Portugues League Player of the Year 2006 and won a total of three Portuguese League titles. In addition to having a good dribbling skills and accurate passing, Quaresma also often scored a lot of important goals for FC Porto.

4. Deco

Deco is regarded as the key figure of Porto in their success winning the Champions League in 2004. During the five years playing for Porto, Deco won a lot of team and individual awards. He was recognized as a world-class attacking midfielder who possesses high creativity, accurate passing, and reliable set-piece taker. There were also some moments when Deco scored memorable, beautiful goals for the club.

3. Vitor Baia

Not only at Porto, Vitor Baia even deserves to be named as one of the legendary players of Portugal. Playing as a goalkeeper, Baia holds the record as the player with the highest number of titles in FC Porto. In total, he won 25 major titles while playing for Porto in the period 1988-1996 and 1999-2007. Baia won 11 Portuguese League titles, six Portuguese Cup trophies, a Champions League trophy, and twice elected as the Portuguese Footballer of the Year.

2. Mario Jardel

Mario Jardel is a former Brazilian player who possessed extraordinary goal scoring instincts. For four years playing for Porto, he scored 168 goals from 175 appearances. In every season, Jardel always scored more than 30 goals, even twice won the European Golden Shoe, a title given to the top scorer of all leagues in Europe. In addition to his glorious individual achievements, Jardel also claimed three Portuguese League titles and two Portuguese Cup trophies for FC Porto. Considering his astounding goalscoring ability, it is a pity to know that Jardel had minimum chances to play for Brazil national football team.

1. Fernando Gomes

Fernando Gomes is a retired Portuguese striker who holds the record as F.C. Porto top scorer of all time, with a record 352 goals. He played for the club for 11 years, winning five Portuguese Liga titles and a Champions League trophy. Not only that, he was also twice awarded the European Golden Shoe and once elected as the Portuguese Footballer of the Year. The greatest skills of Gomes as a striker were his remarkable finishing and positioning.

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