15 Greatest Napoli Players Ever

Who is the best Napoli player in the history?

Napoli is one of the clubs in Italian League who has dramatic history. This club is not as big as Juventus, AC Milan, and AS Roma, and even often regarded as a small club. But make no mistake, Napoli has consistently demonstrated their quality as one of the strongest dark horses in the world of Italian football. This club even stole some prestigious titles from the big Italian clubs in several occasion.

In this article, I invite you to read the profile of 15 best Napoli players from time to time. The ranking in this list is not only made by considering individual statistics of each player, but also their contribution and loyalty for Napoli. Be sure to vote for your favorite player in the poll module!

15. Gianfranco Zola

Gianfranco Zola has to be thankful to Napoli as the club is the one who really developed his talent as a footballer. In this club, he had the opportunity to learn from a football legend, Diego Maradona. Learning directly under the guidance of Maradona, Zola developed a style of play that is almost identical to the legend. They both have a dominant left foot, both have good dribbling and technique, and both also have visionary and creative playing style. During playing for Napoli in the period 1989-1993, Zola won a Serie A title and a Suppercopa Italiana trophy.

14. José Altafini

Jose Altafini is a former Brazilian-born striker who once played for Italian national team. This player joined Napoli in the period 1965-1972, scoring 97 goals in 234 appearances. Although he did not win a single trophy while playing for Napoli, Altafini is still regarded as one of the best players of this club. He showed typical of Brazilian playing styles, a style of playing football beautifully by mainly giving importance to techniques rather than physical strength.

13. Andrea Carnevale

Andrea Carnevale is an ex-Italian striker who acted as a reserve player for Diego Maradona in Napoli's best period in the 1980s. Not only acted as a backup striker, Carnevale was sometimes played alongside Maradona. In this club, he won two Italian league titles, one UEFA Cup trophy, and one Coppa Italia trophy. During four years playing for Napoli, Carnevale scored a total of 47 goals from 154 appearances.

12. Paolo Cannavaro

Paolo Cannavaro is the younger brother of Fabio Cannavaro, one of the best Italian defenders of all time. The brothers were born and raised in the city of Naples, the city where Napoli stands. Although his achievements as a footballer is not as glorious as his brother, Paolo is more loyal to Napoli rather than Fabio. He took Napoli go through periods of darkness when the club was still in Serie B. He struggled to give his best to the club, until now it regained its reputation as one of the best clubs in Serie A.

11. Bruno Giordano

Bruno Giordano is a retired Italian striker who played for Napoli for three years, from 1985 to 1988. In that period, Giordano formed "magical triangle" with Diego Maradona and Careca known as "Ma-Gi-Ca." The trio played a major role in helping Napoli win the Serie A in 1987 and was regarded as one of the world's strongest offensive line. In total, Giordano scored 37 goals from 109 appearances at Napoli.

10. Antonio Juliano

Antonio Juliano is a retired Italian midfielder and known as one of the most loyal players in the history of Napoli. He played for Napoli for 16 years, from 1962 to 1978. He was appointed a few years as captain of this club and also part of Italian squad that won the Euro 1968 tournament. During his active period, Juliano is recognized as a central midfielder who was equally strong in defense and offense.

9. Attila Sallustro

Attila Sallustro is a former Italian striker who was born in Paraguay. He is the second top scorer of all time Napoli, just after Diego Maradona. Sallustro played for Napoli in the period 1925-1937, scoring 108 goals in 266 appearances. Sallustro, who is a son of a very rich family, even refused to be paid when the club suffered a financial crisis. Due to his large contribution, Sallustro is dubbed as "Il Divino" by the club's fans.

8. Dino Zoff

Before getting recognition as the legendary goalkeeper of Juventus, Dino Zoff underwent a period of career at Napoli. In fact, in his potential began to be recognized by Italian public when he played for this club. Zoff joined Napoli in the period 1967-1972, and in 1968 he made his debut as Italy's first-team goalkeeper. Although he did not win any trophies at Napoli, Zoff's contribution for this club is to greatly appreciated by the fans.

7. Careca

Careca was the striker who accompanied Diego Maradona in Napoli's glory times in the second half of the 1980s. The Brazilian striker was signed from Sao Paulo as well as helping the club win a Serie A title and a UEFA Cup trophy. With a total of 95 goals from 221 appearances, Careca is Napoli's sixth top scorer of all time. His career with Brazil's national team is also quite brilliant, in which he scored 30 goals from 64 appearances.

6. Ezequiel Lavezzi

Lavezzi is an Argentine striker who played for Napoli from 2007 to 2012. He was signed from Argentine club, San Lorenzo, for six million Euros. Lavezzi made a triumphant performance at Napoli, and he was even dubbed "The New Maradona" by the club's fans. His duet with Edinson Cavani was regarded as one of the best striker duos in Serie A. At Napoli, Lavezzi was awarded the title of best Serie A player of 2010 and won the Coppa Italia 2012.

5. Giuseppe Bruscolotti

Giuseppe Bruscolotti is a former Italian defender who holds the record for most number of appearances at Napoli. This player played for Gli Azzuri in the period 1972-1988, winning a Serie A title and two Coppa Italia trophies. Although didn't show flashy performances, the presence of Bruscolotti at Napoli's defense line was very essential. During sixteen years joined Napoli, Bruscolotti played in 511 matches and scored 11 goals.

4. Edinson Cavani

Cavani is an Uruguayan target-man who played for Napoli from 2010-2013. He is regarded as the best striker ever to play for the club after Diego Maradona's era. Cavani is known as a powerful striker, effective, and has the very high goal-scoring instincts. In addition to helping Napoli win the Coppa Italia in 2012, Cavani also became the top scorer of Serie A in the 2012-2013 season with a total of 29 goals.

3. Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik is a versatile Slovakian midfielder who has the potential to be one of the biggest legends of Napoli. This player was signed from Brescia in 2007 and since then he shows consistent performances. Together Lavezzi and Cavani, Hamsik made Napoli's offense line became one of the most respected in Serie A. Now, Hamsik is even trusted to be the captain of this club. During his career at Napoli, he won a Coppa Italia trophy in 2012.

2. Ciro Ferrara

Just like Dino Zoff, Ciro Ferrara was a Napoli player before becoming a legend at Juventus, the club where he won more prestigious trophies and awards. The only difference, Ferrara played longer at Napoli and has a more significant contribution to the club compared to Zoff. This central defender played for Gli Azzuri Italy from 1984 to 1994, helping the club win two Serie A titles, one UEFA Cup trophy, and one Coppa Italia trophy. Ferrara was even trusted to be the first-team player of this club when he was only 17 years old.

1. Diego Armando Maradona

Maradona is highly adored by Napoli fans. Without Maradona, Napoli would probably never win even a single Serie A title. Maradona played for this club in the period 1984-1991 and presented two Scudetto titles, one UEFA Cup trophy, and one Coppa Italia. He also holds the record as Napoli's top scorer of all time with 115 goals from 259 appearances. Not only that, when playing for Napoli, he helped Argentine national team win the World Cup 1986.

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