Arsenal's 15 Greatest Midfielders Ever

Who is the best Arsenal midfielder of all time?

Arsenal is known as one of the clubs in the Premier League that exhibit classy, beautiful playing style. Of course, the beauty of their style in playing football led to the large number of trophies and awards that they managed to win. Indeed, Arsenal's success in presenting classy football and winning various trophies cannot be separated from the role of their midfielders.

There are many Arsenal midfielders who are famous for their stunning individual skills such as Mesut Ozil, Cesc Fabregas, Patrick Vieira, Fredrik Ljungberg, and Paul Merson. Among all of the midfielders, who deserves the title as the best?

15. Andrey Arshavin

Andre Arshavin is an attacking midfielder who was purchased by Arsenal from a Russian club, Zenit St Petersburg in 2009. Having primary position as left winger, Arshavin could also be played as a second striker. He is famous as a player who possesses outstanding creativity, vision, and intelligence. Arshavin was also greatly praised for his tremendous dribbling skills and passing. One of his best performances happened when he netted four goals in a match against Liverpool in the year 2009 that ended with a score of 4-4.

14. Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey joined Arsenal at the age of 18 years, signed from Cardiff City in 2008. Having had loaned to Norwich City and Cardiff City, Ramsey started to get a place in Arsenal's first team in the second half of 2011. Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, praised Ramsey as a complete midfielder. He is able to defend and attack equally well, possesses accurate passing, and often scores important goals for his team.

13. Gilberto Silva

Gilberto Silva was Arsenal's first-choice defensive midfielder after Patrick Vieira left the club. He played for Arsenal in the period 2002-2008, winning a Premier League title and two FA Cup trophies. Not only being relied upon as a connector between the defense and offense, Gilberto was also able to lead his teammates on the pitch well. He even several times trusted to be the captain of Arsenal, especially after some senior players such as Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Sol Campbell departed from the club.

12. Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere started his debut for Arsenal in 2008 when he was 16 years old. He holds the record as the youngest Arsenal player ever to play in the Premier League. Wilshere is known as a central midfielder with complete skills, in which he possesses accurate passing, high stamina, and outstanding tackling. Not only that, he is also able to act as a playmaker and has great leadership skills. Due to his talent, Wilshere is regarded as a potential player who can replace the roles of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard in England national football team.

11. Emmanuel Petit

Emmanuel Petit played for Arsenal for three years, from 1997 until 2000. At Arsenal, he was positioned by manager Arsene Wenger as a defensive midfielder alongside Patrick Vieira. His debut season at Arsenal went very well, where he helped the club win the Premier League and FA Cup. During the three years of joining Arsenal, Petit scored 11 goals in 118 appearances.

10. Tomas Rosicky

Tomas Rosicky is an attacking midfielder who is known as one of the best players of all time from Czech Republic. He possesses outstanding passing, playmaking ability, dribbling, and creativity. He joined Arsenal in 2006 from Borussia Dortmund after showing brilliant performances at the club. Due to his extraordinary appearance as a playmaker, he was dubbed by the Arsenal fans as "Reborn Mozart."

9. Marc Overmars

Marc Overmars is a retired Dutch winger who could also play as a striker. Overmars's main weapon as a footballer was his incredible running speed. He also possessed powerful shot and accurate passing. During his days at Arsenal in the 1997-2000 period, Overmars won a Premier League title and one FA Cup trophy. He moved to Barcelona after Euro 2000 for a fee of 25 million pounds, making him hold the record as the most expensive Dutch player of all time.

8. Jimmy Logie

Jimmy Logie is a retired Scottish footballer who joined Arsenal in the period 1939-1955. Playing as a midfielder, Logie can also be positioned as an inside forward. He was known as a creative, visionary, and tough player. Not only that, Logie was also trusted to be the vice captain of Arsenal for a few years. During 16 years of joining the club, he won two English League titles and an FA Cup trophy.

7. Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil was signed by Arsenal from Real Madrid in 2013 for a fee of 42.5 million pounds. He showed his quality as a world-class player in his debut season at Arsenal. His collaboration with Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere in midfield line helped the club topped the Premier League table for several weeks in a row. Ozil is recognized as a playmaker with extraordinary passing, playmaking ability, and creativity.

6. Ray Parlour

Ray Parlour is a former England midfielder who played for Arsenal in the 1992-2004 period. He is a player who had great contribution to the club, but did not show flashy performances on the pitch. During his time at Arsenal Parlour played a role as a box-to-box midfielder whose main duty was to secure the ball and dominate the midfield line. At the club, Parlour won three Premier League titles, four FA Cup trophies and a Winners' Cup.

5. Fredrik Ljungberg

Fredrik Ljungberg is a former Swedish midfielder who was part of "The Invincible," the golden generation of Arsenal who dominated the English league in the early 2000s. At Arsenal, Ljungberg played as a winger, sometimes he was also positioned as an attacking midfielder. One of the best period of his career occurred in the second half of 2001-02 season when he took over the role of the injured Robert Pires and always scored goals in most of Arsenal matches.

4. Paul Merson

Not only could play as a midfielder, Paul Merson also showed good performance when he was positioned as a striker. The English player joined Arsenal in the 1985-1997 period, winning two English League titles, one FA Cup trophy, and a Winners' Cup. Not only that, Merson was also selected as the best young player of English League in 1989. Besides prolific in scoring goals, he was also known as a reliable set-pieces taker.

3. Cesc Fàbregas

Cesc Fabregas is a Spanish midfielder who possesses perfect abilities as a midfielder. He can play in various positions, possessing high goal scoring instincts, accurate passing, outstanding defensive ability, also good leadership. He played for Arsenal in the 2003-2011 period, helping the club win an FA Cup trophy. Fabregas emerged as a major star of Arsenal since the club legend Thierry Henry departed to Barcelona in 2007.

2. Robert Pires

Robert Pires was known as an attacking midfielder with a very elegant playing style. He is regarded as one of the players with the best passing ability in the history of Premier League. Pires joined Arsenal in the period 2000-2006 and he became a key player of "The Invincibles," the Arsenal team who was unbeaten in 49 league matches. In addition to presenting two Premier League titles and two FA Cup trophies for the club, Pires was also selected as the best Premier League player of the 2001-02 season.

1. Patrick Vieira

Indeed, the title of Arsenal's best midfielder of all time should be awarded to Patrick Vieira. The Frenchman had a role as the number one defensive midfielder of Arsenal in the 1996-2005 period. Not just great in destroying the opponents' attack, Vieira also possessed great leadership skills so that he was trusted to be captain of the club for several years. During nine years of joining Arsenal, Vieira won three Premier League titles and four FA Cup trophies. He was also honored as Premier League Player of the Season in 2001.

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