Denmark's 16 Greatest Footballers of All Time

Who is the greatest Denmark footballer in the history?

Denmark is a North European country that has strong football culture. The country is regarded as one of the dark horses in the world of international football. They even won some prestigious tournaments, such as Euro 1992. So far, this country has produced hundreds, even thousands of brilliant football players who play in different countries.

In this article, I present you a list of 16 best Danish footballer of all time. In this list, you will find some pretty familiar names, such as Peter Schmeichel, Laudrup brothers, Jon Dahl Tomasson, and many more. Without further ado, here's the list:

16. Thomas Helveg

Thomas Helveg is a retired right wingback who spent most of his career playing in the Italian league for Udinese, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Helveg is known as a defender with high stamina who is very active in helping the team's attack. His best achievement is winning the Serie A 1998-99 season and the 2003 Champions League with AC Milan. In total, Helveg played in 108 international matches with Denmark national football team.

15. Harald Nielsen

Harald Nielsen is a former striker who is regarded as one of the legendary players of an Italian club, Bologna. He led the club win a Serie A title and twice became the top scorer of the tournament in the 1961-1967 period. With Denmark national team, his scoring record is quite impressive, where he scored 15 goals in 14 appearances. After retiring as an international footballer, Nielsen started his own business and now he is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Denmark.

14. Christian Poulsen

Christian Poulsen is an energetic central midfielder who possesses high stamina. This player played for Denmark from 2001 to 2012 in 92 international matches and scored six goals. Poulsen also has a high experiences, had been playing for several clubs in Europe's biggest leagues, such as Schalke, Sevilla, and Juventus. Poulsen's best achievements occurred in 2005 and 2006, where he was twice selected as the best player of Denmark.

13. Dennis Rommedahl

Rommedahl is a winger who spent most of his career playing in the Dutch league. His best period occurred in 1997-2004 when he played for PSV Eindhoven. At that time, Rommedahl won four Dutch league titles. After having a successful career at PSV, the player then moved to Charlton Athletic, Olympiakos, and Brondby. When playing for Olympiakos in 2010, Rommedahl won the Greek League and was named the best player of Denmark.

12. Morten Olsen

Morten Olsen played for Denmark in the period 1970-1989. He is known as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world and twice was named the best player of Denmark. His golden period happened when he played for Anderlecht, where Olsen won three Belgium League titles and one UEFA Cup trophy. After retiring as a professional footballer, Olsen coached Danish national team since 2000.

11. Daniel Agger

Daniel Agger is regarded as one of the best central defenders in the Premier League in this decade. This player has joined Liverpool since 2006 and helped the Reds win one FA Cup trophy and one League Cup trophy. Agger also twice awarded the title as the best player of Denmark in 2007 and 2012. Although he is injury prone, Agger always manages to show the best performance when he is fully fit. He even has been trusted to be the vice-captain of Liverpool since 2013.

10. Preben Larsen Elkjaer

Elkjaer Preben Larsen is a retired striker who is greatly revered by Verona's fans. How not, he was instrumental in helping Hellas Verona win the Serie A in 1985. The title was the only major title ever won by Verona throughout its history. Not only that, Elkjaer also led FC Koln win one Bundesliga titles and two DFB trophies. For Denmark, Larsen scored 39 goals from 68 appearances.

9. Frank Arnesen

Frank Arnesen is a former Danish midfielder who reaped tremendous success in the Dutch league. Throughout his career from 1975 to 1988, he won six Eredivisie championship titles. Three titles he won with Ajax Amsterdam, and three other titles with PSV Eindhoven. Not only that, he also won the Champions Cup in 1988 with PSV.

8. Jan Heintze

In terms of achievements and skills, Jan Heintze can be regarded as the best Danish defender of all time. He is known as a tough, fast, and agile left-back. Playing for PSV Eindhoven for 16 years, Heintze won nine league titles, three KNVB Cup, and one League Cup trophy.

7. Allan Simonsen

Allan Simonsen is a short striker, but he is very fast, agile, and productive in scoring goals. This player shone when playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach and Barcelona in the 1972-1982 period. At the two clubs, Simonsen won three Bundesliga titles, two UEFA Cups and one Cup Winners' trophies. Not only that, Simonsen was also named the European Footballer of the Year in 1977.

6. Brian Laudrup

Brian Laudrup is a retired versatile attacker who can play as a center forward, attacking midfielder, winger or striker. He also had a career with a variety of major European clubs like Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, Milan, Glasgow Rangers and Chelsea. Brian Laudrup was also noted as a player who won the most title of Danish Player of the Year, with a record of four times. He also led the Danish national team win Euro 1992 and 1995 Confederations Cup.

5. Jon Dahl Tomasson

With a total of 52 goals he scored for Denmark, Tomasson is the all-time top scorer of the country, along with Poul Nielsen. The best period of his career happened when he played for Feyenoord and AC Milan in the period 1998-2005. At the two clubs, Tomasson won an Eredivisie title, a Serie A title and one Champions League trophy. Tomasson was also rewarded a Bronze Shoe in the 2002 World Cup in which he scored four goals in the tournament.

4. Poul Nielsen

In terms of statistics, Poul Nielsen is Denmark's best goalscorer of all time. Playing for the Danish national team from 1910 to 1925, Nielsen managed to score 52 goals in just 38 games. One of his best performances was in the match against Sweden in 1913, where Nielsen scored six goals and helped his team win by a score of 10-0. Not only that, Nielsen also helped Danish national team win the Olympic silver medal in 1912.

3. Søren Lerby

Soren Lerby is a retired Danish midfielder who achieved tremendous success in European football. He won a total of seven Dutch League title while playing for PSV and Ajax Amsterdam as well as two Bundesliga titles while playing for Bayern Munich. Not only that, Lerby also won the 1988 European Cup with PSV. As a performer, he was known to have good leadership and high stamina. He even played in two matches in a day, in the morning for the Danish national team and in the evening of the same day he played for Bayern Munich.

2. Michael Laudrup

Michael Laudrup is the older brother of Brian Laudrup and is regarded as one of the best players in the Confederation Cup 1995. In the tournament, Laudrup of Denmark played a major role to help the team be the champion. Laudrup was also quite successful at the club level, where he won five La Liga titles with Barcelona and Real Madrid, a Serie A title with Juventus, and an Eredivisie title with Ajax Amsterdam.

1. Peter Schmeichel

The greatness of Peter Schmeichel as a goalkeeper cannot be doubted. He is regarded as a very charismatic goalkeeper who was trusted to guard Manchester United's goal line for eight years, from 1991 to 1999. During this period, Schmeichel won five Premier League titles, one Champions League trophy, and three FA Cup trophies. Not only that, Schmeichel also led Denmark win Euro 1992 and four times elected as UEFA Goalkeeper of the Year.

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