Who is the Greatest PSV Eindhoven Players Ever?

15 Best PSV Eindhoven Players of All Time

In addition to Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord Rotterdam, PSV Eindhoven can be called as one of the most successful clubs in the history of Dutch football league. The club has won dozens of titles in both domestic and in the international competitions. Not only that, PSV also has produced dozens of quality football players who won a lot of major titles in various football tournaments.

Who is the best PSV Eindhoven's player of all time? I'd like to answer the question by writing this article. Here, I present a list of 15 footballers who had major roles in winning numerous prestigious trophies and titles for PSV Eindhoven. Be sure to vote for your favorite footballer in the end of this article.

15. Dennis Rommedahl

Dennis Rommedahl joined PSV in the period 1997-2004. He played as a right midfielder and sometimes could be positioned as a striker. Rommedahl underwent quite a brilliant career at PSV, where he won four Eredivisie titles. At his best period, Rommedahl is known as a fast winger who has accurate crossing ability. In total, Rommedahl played in 161 matches and scored 27 goals for PSV.

14. Gerald Vanenburg

Vanenburg was a right-wing attacker who had successful career in the Dutch league. He won three Eredivisie titles at Ajax Amsterdam and another five at PSV. He joined PSV from 1986 to 1993, scoring 48 goals in 199 appearances. Not only triumphed in the domestic competition, Vanenburg also won a Champins Cup trophy in 1988 with PSV. Not only that, he was also part of the Dutch national team that won Euro 1988.

13. Ronald Koeman

During three years playing for PSV, Ronald Koeman won three Eredivisie titles. Not only that, he also helped the club win the Champions Cup trophy in 1988. Throughout his career, Ronald Koeman is known as one of the best sweeper in the world . He is tough in defense, but also very active in helping the team's offense. Ronald Koeman was also a reliable free kick and penalty kick and penalty kicks. He scored hundreds of goals from set-piece situations.

12. René van de Kerkhof

Rene van de Kerkhof is a retired right midfielder who played for PSV in the period 1973-1983. He was known as a player with high stamina and high determination. During the ten-year career with PSV, van de Kerkhof won three Eredivisie titles. He was also a mainstay of the Dutch national team in the 1978 World Cup tournament, a tournament in which the team managed to be a runner-up. Throughout his career, Rene van de Kerkhof scored 85 goals in 278 appearances for PSV.

11. Ruud van Nistelrooy

Before being known as a one of the best strikers in the world of football, Ruud van Nistelrooy underwent a career as PSV player from 1998 to 2001. He was twice presented the Eredivisie title for the club and became the Dutch league top scorer twice. His best career at occurred in the 1998-99 season where he successfully scored 31 goals from 34 league games. After his impressive performances with PSV, he was signed by Manchester United with a value of 14 million euros.

10. Romario

Romario is one of the few football players who scored more than 1,000 goals throughout their career. He played for PSV for five years in the period 1988-1993. In this club, Romario won three Eredivisie titles and two KNVB Cup trophies. Not only that, he also became a Dutch league top scorer for three consecutive years, from the 1988-1989 season to 1990-1991 season. In total, Romario scored 165 goals from 167 appearances at PSV.

9. Willy van de Kerkhof

Willy van de Kerkhof is the twin brother of Rene van de Kerkhof. Compared to his brother, Willy is more loyal to PSV, where he played for 15 years, from 1973 to 1988. He won six Eredivisie titles and twice brought the Dutch national team became runner-up in the World Cup in 1974 and 1978. With a total of 481 matches, Willy van de Kerkhof is included as one of the PSV's highest capped players ever.

8. André Ooijer

Andre Ooijer is a Dutchman who is often regarded as the best PSV's central defender of all time. This player joined PSV in the period 1997-2006 and won five Eredivisie titles. In addition to playing as a central defender, Ooijer also sometimes can be positioned as a right-back. This player became the reserve player for Michael Reiziger and Jaap Stam in the Dutch national team. Ooijer ended his career as a professional footballer in 2012 at Ajax Amsterdam, the biggest rival of PSV Eindhoven.

7. Mark van Bommel

The determination and leadership of Mark van Bommel is an important factor to the success of PSV in dominating the Dutch football in the early 2000s. Playing for PSV from 1999 to 2005, van Bommel really showed an important role. He was great as a defensive midfielder, but also at the same time taking a position as the team's playmaker. During six years playing for PSV, van Bommel won four Eredivisie titles and was twice selected as the best Dutch player of the year.

6. Luc Nilis

Luc Nilis is a former Belgian striker who is listed as one of PSV's highest goal scorers of all time. He played for the club in the 1994-2000 period, presented two Eredivisie titles and became Dutch league's top scorer twice. During his career at PSV, Luc Nilis' played alongside best strikers in the world, such as Ronaldo and Ruud van Nistelrooy. In total, he scored 129 goals from 204 appearances for PSV.

5. Hans van Breukelen

Not only in PSV, Hans van Breukelen is even regarded as one of Holland's best goalkeepers ever. This player joined PSV in the period 1984-1994, winning six Eredivisie titles and one Champions Cup trophy. Not only that, during the ten years of playing for PSV, van Breukelen was four times selected as the best goalkeeper of Netherlands. His best achievement at the international level is winning the Euro 1988 tournament with Netherlands national football team.

4. Phillip Cocu

Phillip Cocu was a versatile midfielder who can be positioned as a defensive midfielder, winger or attacking midfielder. This player joined PSV for six years, presented four Eredivisie titles and two KNVB Cup trophies. He also became a mainstay in the midfield line of the Netherlands national team in the 1990s, along with Edgar Davids, Clarence Seedorf, and Marc Overmars. After retiring as a professional footballer, Cocu started a career as a PSV Eindhoven's coach in 2013.

3. Wim Kieft

Wim Kieft is one of the most successful strikers in the history of the Dutch league. In total, he won six Eredivisie titles, three at Ajax Amsterdam and another three at PSV. Her played for PSV for four years and was one of the key players who helped Netherlands national team win the Euro 1988. His best performances for PSV occurred in 1988, where he won the treble (Eredivisie title, KNVB Cup, and the Champions League) as well as winning the Euro tournament.

2. Eric Gerets

Eric Gerets is a retired Belgian right-back who played for PSV for seven years, from 1985 to 1992. His courage, strength, and scary looks made Gerets was dubbed as "The Lion" in his golden period as a professional footballer. He was also the captain of PSV when they won the Champions Cup in 1988. In addition to the triumph, Gerets also won six Eredivisie titles and three KNVB Cup trophies.

1. Jan Heintze

Jan Heintze is the "Paolo Maldini of PSV Eindhoven." This Danish left-back is the most loyal and the most successful footballer ever to play for PSV. He joined the club for 16 years and won nine Eredivisie titles, three KNVB Cup trophies and a Champions Cup trophy. During his best period, Heintze is known as a very aggressive left-back who often helped his team in building attacks. Heintze ended his career as a professional footballer in 2003 at PSV Eindhoven. He retired by giving a sweet memory for the PSV fans, which is winning an Eredivisie title in the 2002-2003 season.

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